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Project 3x20 Network

A European approach towards CO2 emissions reduction through awareness raising actions.


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General Objective of the project 3x20 Network is to raise awareness of citizens towards Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Everyday Life through exchanges of local experiences and definition of common communication and participation strategy.

All the involved partners from 4 countries (Italy, Sweden, Germany and Poland) have already carried out local activities aimed at making energy efficiency policies better known and more participated. This means that communication strategy and tools have been implemented and that mechanisms and procures for making citizens active in energy efficiency actions have been carried out.

Now the main objectives of the project is to share these experiences (in terms of policies and concrete projects) in the European context and to reach final definition of a common strategy based on strengths of different local experiences and characterised by active and continuous involvement of civil society, here represented by some target groups.

In the preparation phase of the proposal of the project, Italian, Swedish and German partners had the opportunities to sharetheir local experience and to define a set of common objectives and expected results in the context of a Training Programme, organised by the Network S.E.R.N., that took place in Rimini on April 2009.


Definition of the programme

The work programme consists of 6 different events . First event will be a-two-day kick-off meeting where project's partners will be asked to discuss the original action plan and to defining some common elements : evaluation tools, dissemination outputs and administrative-financial management procedures . This will be followed by a set of 4 transnational events that , having the same structure, they will address four different themes and targets (see programmes below). The final event will be an evaluation and followup meeting.

Involvement of participants

Two participation levels are foreseen . In the context of public events , participants representing partner municipalities will be asked to present local experiences to a public audience therefore all project participants will have an active role. Active role that will be played again in the context of project groups that will be hold in the context of each single event .
An active role will be played only by hosting organisations when, in the context of each event, it will be asked to organise and coordinate study visits aimed at presenting local experiences.

European Dimension

it is ensured by a partnership representing 4 different countries (SE , IT , PL, DE ) , that , with reference to the addressed themes, have different level of awareness and different levels (qualitatively and quantitatively).Comparison and exchange deriving form this networking project it's expected to provide common solutions,ideas,projects arising from different initial situations and therefore applicable to other European countries.

The project's programme will provide for informal learning opportunities to involved target categories. If on one hand project contents will be defined and evaluated in the context of two restricted partners' s meetings , on the other hand core action will be implemented during 4 transnational meetings where different activities will be organised in order to provide participants (representing above mentioned target groups) with the opportunity to improve their knowledge about what has been realised (in terms of policies and concrete projects) at European , national and local level in order to raising awareness and make citizens active in the implementation of Energy Efficiency strategies in their everyday lives .
Furthermore , these transnational meetings will provide the opportunities for the final realisation of a common strategy that based on local dimension (meaning strengths of local actions) will represent a set of common , transnational solutions for making citizens aware and active in Energy Efficiency policies , especially improving their consumption behaviours. Cooperation among partners has been applied and I will be ensured at every project stage from the preparation to the final evaluation.


The Project is developed in cooperation with the Sweden-Emilia-Romagna Network (S.E.R.N.) and with the support of "Europe for Citizens" Programme (Financed by E.A.C.E.A.).

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